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The Andre DeVito Band
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Andre at The Saloon

Andre DeVito- Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals
      Andre is a souful vocalist, talented guitarist, prolific songwriter, and a premier talent of today's young generation blues artist's.   His love for pure music comes out in his electric performances, where he ALWAYS gives 110% percent and puts on a show.  Andre has worked with such local groups as Johnny Nitro & The Doorslammers, Mojo Madness, and Susan James & Thrilltrain and has sat in with Tommy Castro, and Phil Guy.  
One of Andre's Philosophy of life-   "Live life, Don't let life live you!" 

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Mr. Freddie Roulette

Freddie Roulette- Lapsteel, Vocals
     This living legend has been compared to the Jimi Hendrix of lapsteel.   Freddie's played with all the blues great including John Lee Hooker, Charlie Musslewhite, Jr. Wells, Jimmy Witherspoon, Albert King, Earl Hooker, Roy Rogers, and Harvey Mandel.  He has a story for every bluesman to ever play, just ask him about the time Muddy Waters tried to pick up on his girl.   He has played on thousands of songs on countless albums with his unique tone and style of playing.  It is a blessing to have Freddie bring his knowledge to the table and give this group more life than any young rock group today.   You don't wanna miss Freddie cutting loose and talking through his steel guitar.  

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Burton Winn

Burton Winn- Bass
     When you look up the word "professional" in the dictionary you'll find a picture of Burt!   Having held down the bottom end for many of the top blues artists including Angela Strehli, Mark Hummel, Daniel Castro, and Johnny Nitro, Burt knows a thing or two about performing.   Burt is our main bass player if he's available, and he also performs with a number of artists and groups currently including Steve Freund, Wendy Dewitt, Eugene Huggins, Jan Fanucci, Mari Mack, Kenny Blue Ray, Powell Street Blues Band, Kathleen Cairns and Tattoo Blue, and Jackie Payne-Steve Edmundson Band.   What else is there to say except Burt is a positive person and a good friend!!

      Currently we use a couple of pro level drummers right now.   These guys are the backbone and provide that funky crack, or cookin shuffle! Some of the various drummers we use are:
Ronnie Smith      (Ron Hacker, Double Funk Crunch)
Chris Sandoval   (Tommy Castro, Joe Louis Walker)
Rick Sankey        (Blues Power, Little Sister)
Robi Bean            (Steve Freund)
Lee Thompson    (J.C. Smith, One More Mile)
Tom Peplinski     (Blues Logic, Doc Kraft)