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We are currently taking some time off from regular performances, focusing our energy in the studio recording and performing in various projects.  Stay tuned for more info. 

Andre is also focusing on recording, band managment, concert production, promotion, and booking.   Here are some of the artists Andre is currently working with-

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Previous  Gigs  2008
May 24th    The Ramp (Pellejo Seco)
May 23rd    The Ashenaz (Pellejo Seco)
May 23rd    Carnaval, SF (Pellejo Seco)
Mar. 7th      The Cigar Bar (Pellejo Seco)
Feb. 29th      The Cigar Bar (Pellejo Seco)
Previous  Gigs  2007
Oct 12th      St. James Gate
Aug 31st     The Cigar Bar (Pellejo Seco)
Aug 25th     Palace of Fine Arts (Pellejo Seco)
Aug 11th     San Jose Jazz Festival (Pellejo Seco)
July 15th     The Ramp (Pellejo Seco)
July 6th       The Cigar Bar (Pellejo Seco)
June 29th    Mojitos (Pellejo Seco)
June 8th      The Saloon, SF CA
May 27th     The Ramp (Pellejo Seco)
Feb. 3rd      La Pena Cultural Center (Pellejo Seco)
Jan. 27th     Brava Theater (Pellejo Seco)
Jan. 20th     The Ashkenaz (Pellejo Seco)
Previous  Gigs  2006
Oct. 27th     The Saloon
Sept. 1st      St. James Gate
Aug 20th      Pier 23
Aug 12th      The Mojo Lounge
Aug 11th      The Saloon
July 16th      Pier 23
July 8th        Skips Tavern
June 23rd     The Saloon
June 18th     Pier 23
June 16th     Skips Tavern
June 15th     LaBarca
May 30th      The Saloon
May 21st      Pier 23
May 18th      LaBarca
April 13th     LaBarca
April 8th       Skips Tavern
March 10th   The Saloon     
March 2nd    LaBarca          
Jan. 13th      The Saloon          
Previous  Gigs  2005
Dec. 30th      The Saloon
Nov. 11th      The Saloon
Oct. 22nd      Skips Tavern
Oct. 21st       The Saloon
Oct. 12th       The Dirty Martini
Oct. 8th         The Presidio Yatch Club
Sept. 24th     Private Party- Sonoma
Sept. 9th       The Last Day Saloon-  CD Release
Aug. 13th       The Presidio Yatch Club
Aug. 12th       The Saloon
July 27th        Bruce Latimer TV Show Pacifica 26
July 23rd        Lou's Pier 47 (with Mojo Madness)
July 22nd       The Saloon
Apr. 23rd        St. James Gate
Apr. 22nd       The Saloon
Mar. 26th       Skips Tavern
Feb. 13th        Lou's Pier 47
Jan. 23rd        Lou's Pier 47
Previous Gigs 2004
Dec. 2nd         Lou's Pier 47
Nov. 10th       "The Depot"   SF State 
Oct.  31st          Lou's Pier 47 Halloween Bash
Oct.  15th         The Saloon
Oct.  5th            Lou's Pier 47
Sept. 30th         Lou's Pier 47
Sept. 16th         Lou's Pier 47
Aug. 20th          St. James Gate
Aug. 8th            Lou's Pier 47
July. 1st            Lou's Pier 47
Jun.  26th          Lou's Pier 47
Jun.  6th            Lou's Pier 47
April 27             Lou's Pier 47 
April 21             The Depot  SF State
Feb. 24 th          Lou's Pier 47
Jan. 31st            La Barca
Nov. 21st, 2003   LaBarca

Freddie Roulette
Photo- Margrethe van der Zwan

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